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Online Marketing & Corporate Communications for Companies Serving the Supply Chain Industry

Who I Am

I've been working in online marketing and communications since dial-up connections were considered state-of-the-art. The times may have changed but my passion to help others has not. I saw a need in the supply chain industry to help companies build a successful online presence.  


I'm driven by technology and innovation to fulfill that key mission.

Get in touch with me to kickoff your growth today.  -  Glenn Meeks/Founder


What I Do For You

Planning   -  Building  -  Growing

Online Marketing

Results You’ll Love

Boost your online business identity and let potential customers find you with outstanding online marketing services. I work with you to merge your business goals with technology to build something spectacular.


Polished & Professional

My approach to print and corporate communications will give your business an eye-catching and polished professional look. Whether I'm asked to start from scratch or act as an advisor to achieve your business goals — We'll work together to achieve outstanding results.


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